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Why Do I Still Have Pain Months Or Years After Having Neck Or Back Surgery And Physical Therapy?

The most probable reason and most overlooked by doctors is a soft/connective tissue issue.

The primary culprits are contracted fascia, spinal ligaments, tendons and muscles.  These are attached to bones, joints and other soft tissue like the periosteum which is a thin, yet dense membrane of connective tissue. “Pain receptors are widely distributed in the skin, deep tissues (including muscles and joints)”. “This makes them very sensitive to manipulation.”

It is important to note that the periosteum among other things, ”provides nourishment by providing the blood supply to the body from the marrow.” When the periosteum becomes compressed, its ability to provide nutrients and oxygen to the body is restricted. This creates a condition in the body called ischemia resulting in inflammation and pain.

The solution is gentle Myofascial release and/or Soft tissue Realignment. This should be performed with low to no pain. This can be done by a licensed massage therapist certified in Myofascial release, Medical or Orthopedic massage. Additionally, specific cervical and lumbar stretches should be done to elongate contracted tissue. These stretches can be found on my website Click on “Physical” tab, then click “Stretches”. Watch video called Stretches & Activations for Shoulder, Neck and Back.

If you are in moderate to severe pain, please consult your physician or another licensed healthcare practitioner for advice first before beginning any exercise regimen.

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