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Dr. Larry F.

I had a near death motorcycle accident that caused massive trauma and nearly cost me my life. I had head trauma, broken shoulder and shattered hip that had to be reconstructed.  MCC became part of my recovery team. The treatments were enormously effective in helping me physically as well as emotionally and mentally.  I now refer my patients to MCC for relief of physical as well as emotion pain.


Marietta A.

I had spinal fusion surgery.  I was in immense pain and, Physical Therapy caused me even more pain.  I was on heavy duty pain medicine (Hydrocodone).  MCC got me out of pain and, off my pain medicine.  


Cheryl R.

I had a severe broken ankle and very limited range of motion.  I was very doubtful I would ever get my range of motion back.  I now have nearly full range of motion, even with two rods in my ankle.  Also, I had pain when turning my neck while driving.  I was told by the staff at MCC that this was a muscular imbalance and was fixable.  After one treatment, the pain was eliminated.  I can now drive pain-free again.


Elanor D.

I was referred to MCC by my physician for chronic pain in my neck, back and shoulders.  They were able to relieve my pain within 30 days.


Irma C.

I was treated for chronic neck and back pain.  I am currently being treated for Parkinson’s symptoms, such as tightening of forearms and calves.  My treatments are working wonders for my tension and pain.


Vaughn T.

My treatments have been instrumental in helping me manage high work-related stress both physical and emotional.  My treatments have a profound and positive effect on my ability to maintain my current work schedule.


Father Ed H.

I was diagnosed by a doctor with plantar fasciitis with a neuroma on my right foot and experienced pain for many years.  MCC eliminated the neuroma and the pain went away.  Treatments were pain-free.  Later, I had a serious head injury resulting in cranial swelling and severe pain.  Treatments for this injury also resulted in the complete elimination of pain.

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