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The Truth About Soft Tissue Injuries!

Scar Tissue

scar tissue.jpg

(Picture is taken from book "Clinical Massage Therapy:  A structural Approach to Pain Management" Author - James Waslaski)

Did you know that just like bones, soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia) fibers have to be realigned in order to heal properly?

Once soft tissue has been torn or damaged scar tissue forms in between the dispersed fibers to reconnect the torn tissue.  The scar tissue, along with the damaged, dispersed soft tissue fibers, then have to be realigned or put back into its natural position (just like a bone has to be "set" in order for it to heal properly).

When soft tissue has not been restored to its natural position, it becomes dysfunctional.  The soft tissue is out of place and begins pressing on nerves and restricting bloodflow creating pain.  If this situation is not resolved, you will begin to experience chronic pain.

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