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Heal Your Pain
Drastically reduce or eliminate your pain in 30 days or less,
without injections or pills,
even if you have had pain for many years and,

everything else you have tried has failed!

Services Offered

— Medical Appointment - $50  takes a few minutes

— Biocharge Appointment - $30 15 minutes

— Massage Appointment - $65 1 hour

Which Service Do I Need

— Medical Appointment

- If you have pains in specific areas in your body.

- Afterwards, Biocharging Appointments are great for maintenance.

— Biocharge Appointment

- If you want more energy and overall better health.

- Replenish the body. 

- Give the body what it needs to heal itself. 

- Restore both physical and neurological function and health, improving sleep, focus, energy levels.

— Massage Appointment

- If you want a full body relaxation.

Learn More

— Medical Appointment

Natural. No medications. No needles.

Cold Laser, Sound Wave,

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, 

Cupping, Activations, Holistic Remedies

  • new FDA approved technologies used in hospitals

  • old modalities from ancient times

  • noninvasive and painless

  • for acute and chronic injuries

  • reaches areas massage cannot reach

  • penetrates at a cellular level

  • creates chemical changes that help damaged cells recover and regrow

  • restores normal cellular function

  • regenerates tissue and relieves pain

  • increase blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to injured area

  • stimulates the body’s own natural healing

  • reduces inflammation and swelling

  • shortens recovery time

  • removes calcifications

  • benefits tendons, ligaments, muscles, bones, blood vessels, nerves, lymph nodes

  • benefits keep working for up to several days after treatment

— Biocharge Appointment

Non-invasive and contact free.

Restoration and regeneration of cells by absorbing 4 of nature's essential energies.

1.  Light Energy -- enhances mood, improved sleep, healthy skin, increased energy

2.  PEMF -- supports bone health, improves circulation, supports improved oxygen, supports healthy immune system

3.  Frequencies & Harmonics -- accelerated recovery and regeneration, reduced stiffness in joints, improved mobility

4.  Bio-Voltage -- supports body's natural healing abilities, stimulates improved cellular function, supports better cognitive function


We spend 93% of our day indoors, blocked from nature's natural energies. Proper exposure to the elements can be achieved by spending time outside for 5 hours per day in different ways, (1) the sun touching your skin (2) ions created by crashing waves of the ocean (3) electromagnetic field of the earth (4) grounding our bio-electricity by putting our bare feet on outside dirt.


But now, there is a way to get these full benefits indoors in just 10 minutes once per week.

-- 1.6M+ sessions in the past 12 months

-- in 44+ countries and growing

-- 96% client satisfaction

-- used by Tony Robbins and his family

— Massage Appointment

full body relaxation

Benefits Summary

-- Repair injuries with little to no pain.

-- Don’t just mask the symptoms. Get to the root cause of your pain or dis-ease so the pain does not return.

-- In many cases, eliminate the need for surgery.

-- Reduce or get off your medications.


Quantum Healing is giving the body what it need to heal itself. Different cells within our bodies vibrate at different frequencies. A frequency is the rate at which a sound wave or electronic pulse is produced. Healing frequencies impact the body and physical health.

Albert Einstein claimed that every substance has a vibration and the electromagnetic field produced by a cell reflects its vibration frequency.

He said, “The medicine of the future will be frequency medicine”.


The future is now!

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