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About Carolyn

Carolyn Taylor is a licensed healthcare professional.  She treats physical and emotional pain.  She gets people out of physical pain or, drastically reduces it in 30 days or less, even if doctors have said there is nothing else they can do.  Also, she greatly reduces emotional pain and gets people into happiness and energy in 30 days or less, even if everything else they have tried has failed.


Carolyn has over 25 years of experience.  She is a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, a Life & Well-Being Coach, and a Spiritual Counselor.  She uses her knowledge of medicine, biology, herbs, nutrition, supplements, meridians, emotions, and spirituality.  She uses her skills to heal pain in four different areas:  Structural, Physical, Nutritional and Emotional.  These four areas work together for total health.


Carolyn reveals ailments and solutions using scientific methods such as muscle tests, range of motion tests, lab work recommendations and more.


Here are five things that make Carolyn different:


1.  She does not just treat the symptoms.  She gets to the root cause of the disease, therefore, preventing the ailment from returning.  


2.  Many people are traumatized by painful treatments from other clinics.  Her clients are very pleasantly surprised to experience pain-free treatments.


3.  Her clients’ personal home-care often takes a bigger role in their healing than the clinical treatments themselves.  Her recommendations for at-home care are very simple and effective.  They can usually be done at little to no cost.  Therefore, the healing becomes more affordable and faster, meaning less clinical treatments.  The clinical treatments and home-care work together to eliminate ailments and, therefore, eliminate pain.


4.  Most physical pains are caused by inflammation.  On some of the videos on the Home-Page to this website, Carolyn explains how emotions cause inflammation.  She uses the power of laughter and happiness, since they trigger the production of healing chemicals in the body.  She has a complete program for getting people out of emotional pain and into happiness and energy.


5.  Emotional pain causes physical pain.  She tells clients which emotion (though often times subconscious) is associated with the physical pain.  She tells clients which emotion reverses the physical pain and, gives clients exercises to reverse the emotion.  Clients then watch the physical pain melt away. 


Fixing the physical and emotional together heals the body easier and faster.  Often, when ailments are fixed, they later return.  But, when fixing the emotional pain that is associated with the physical ailment, most of the time, the pain does not return. 

Carolyn has had a passion for healing since childhood.  She uses a variety of tried and true methods.  She practices what she preaches.  As a good healer should be, she is a perfect picture of health.  She has a high level of integrity and a high standard for her healing methods.  Most of her clients consider her their personal healthcare provider for life.  

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