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Heal Your Pain!!!

Deep Tissue Massage

Medical Massage

Soft Tissue Realignment

Fascia Release

Trigger Point

Gua Sha

Joint Mobilization


Muscle Activations


Swedish Massage

Music Class Therapy

Birdie Therapy

Life Enrichment Coaching

How Not to Worry

How to Be Happy

Passion, Purpose

Dealing With Guilt

Raising Your Self-Esteem

Drastically reduce or eliminate your pain in 30 days or less, even if you have had pain for many years and,
everything else you have tried has failed!

Repair injuries with little to no pain.

Don’t just mask the symptoms. Get to the root cause of your pain or disease so the pain does not return.

In many cases, eliminate the need for surgery.


Reduce or get off your medications.


Online booking on this website.

Drastically reduce or eliminate your emotional pain and
get into happiness and energy in 30 days or less,
even if everything else you have tried has failed!

Emotional Stressors: emotional pain, depression, lack of energy, anxiety...

Prolonged emotional pain causes physical pain.

Use the tools we provide to fix emotional stressors and get out of physical pain even faster.  

Physical pain is an emotion. Emotional pain is felt in the physical body. Fix both for full and total health.  

Online booking on this website.

How does emotional pain create physical pain?
How emotional pain creates physical pain in more detail...
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