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Music Class Therapy - Videos

Music Class Therapy events for adults and children.


Therapy for the soul and exercise for the brain.  


What’s different about this Music Class that also makes it therapy?  Here are some key points, just to name a few:


—  The directors are music teachers and therapists.


—  The music room is decorated like a party room.

—  We incorporate Birdie Therapy into the Music Class Therapy.

—  Participants learn and progress quickly while having fun.  Progress equals happiness, self-satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.


—  Participants learn one thing at a time making the event more relaxing.


—  Participants spend little time learning one new skill.  They spend a lot of time applying their new skill to several songs.


—  The songs we play are fun and popular songs we have all heard on the radio many times.


—  Participants change songs every 2 minutes.  This eliminates boredom and adds entertainment.


—  Participants don’t learn by practicing.  They learn by jammin’.


—  Even if participants have never played before, after only 15 minutes into their first event, they are expressing themselves through music in a similar way that accomplished musician do.


—  Participants don’t leave with homework.  They leave with a feeling of relaxation and satisfaction.


—  Most music learning programs have 9 to 10 books.  Our program has over 450 books.  This makes each book much easier and more relaxing.


—  In most music learning programs, it takes about 3 months to go through each book.  Our participants go through each book in about 15 minutes.  This adds a feeling of success and accomplishment by getting more wins more often.


—  With no practice at home, participants learn 50 songs or more in 3 months or less.  This also adds to the feeling of progress, satisfaction and happiness.


—  After the first 3 months, participants may continue.  This will take them to advanced and professional levels.


—  These events are ideal for people, young and old, who want to add fun and relaxation to their lives or, are looking for a positive outlet.

I Shot the Sheriff.
Imagen -- Duet
Rico whistling to Louie, Louie.
Pop Band Collage.
Maria's Music Class Therapy.
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